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University of Mumbai
Established 1857
Type Public
Chancellor S.M. Krishna
Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. S. Gore, Dr. M. D. Bengali, Dr. Vijaya Manerikar, Dr. Snehlata S. Deshmukh, Dr. B. L. Mungekar, Dr. Vijay Khole
Location MumbaiJNCVJNK, Maharashtra, India
Campus Urban

The University of Mumbai (formerly University of Bombay) is a university situated in Maharashtra state of India. It has been given a five-star ranking by NAAC. The name of the University was changed from University of Bombay to University of Mumbai according to a Government Gazette dated 4 September 1996. It is abbreviated as either (UoM) for University of Mumbai or as (MU) for Mumbai University.

Most of the colleges in the city of Mumbai (Bombay) and the districts of Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg are affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The University of Mumbai offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees to students. It has several high ranking research institutes in the world, including Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) a Deemed University of the University of Mumbai and the Tata Memorial Hospital.


[edit] Mumbai University campuses

Image:Rajabai under Const.jpg
A file photo of University of Mumbai's Fort Campus taken in 1870s. Rajabai Clock Tower here seen shrouded in scaffolding was completed in 1878.
Image:University of Bombay3.jpg
A part of the Fort campus in 2005.

The University of Mumbai campus is not bound at one location, rather it is spread across the entire city of Mumbai (Bombay) and the four coastal districts of Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg. The major locations include:

[edit] Fort Campus

The original campus is in Fort, Mumbai, near the southern end of the city of Mumbai. It houses the administrative division of the university. It is built in the Gothic style of architecture and also includes a library which holds many original manuscripts. The University of Bombay was established at the Fort Campus in 1857. In the same year universities were established in the two other Presidency towns of Calcutta and Madras. It was one of the first educational institutions established by the British in India following Sir Charles Wood's Dispatch on Education in 1854.

[edit] Kalina Campus

Another large campus is situated in Kalina, Santacruz in central suburban Mumbai. It is 230 acres (930,000 m²) in area, with much of the land kept for development of future disciplines. It has much of the social sciences and behavioural sciences departments offering masters and doctoral program, which includes department of economics and department of psychology amongst others. The Kalina campus also includes certain science departments including Department of Biotechnology, Department of Physics, Department of Information Technology and Department of Mathematics, and has most of the humanities and language departments of Mumbai University at the masters and doctoral level. It also has the Jawaharlal Nehru Library, the largest library in Bombay.

[edit] Ratnagiri Campus

A minor campus running mostly extra-mural courses is located in the town of Ratnagiri. The campus is located at the Thibaw Palace, originally built to accommodate the exiled royal family of Burma.

[edit] Other Campuses

Several Departments of the University of Mumbai are located at different places other than the fort campus or Kalina campus. These include the Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology, formerly (UDCT), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). The department of Medicine and medical research are spread out across several prominent hospitals in Bombay (Mumbai). Chief amongst these are the Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay Hospital and G.S. medical college of the University of Mumbai. St. Xavier's College was the first degree-granting college affiliated to the University. For Mumbai's School College information visit Mumbai's web portal-

[edit] Prominent departments and institutes

[edit] Mumbai University libraries

The main Library or Central Library is Jawaharlal Nehru Library (JNL) with almost a million books (850,000) documents and Scientific Journals, Thesis, Encyclopedias, along with over 30,000 microfilms and over 1200 rare manuscripts, IMF reports, census records and access to several hundreds of E-Journals through online subscription. The (JNL) catalogue is computerised. The Library largely contains books with basic sciences and the social and behavioural sciences.

The technology and applied research journals and books of the University of Mumbai are kept at various other libraries including those at MUICT, TIFR, JBIMS & Tata Memorial Hospital. Together the University of Mumbai collection of Books and Scientific journals gets to over a million documents.

[edit] Some departments and institutes of University of Mumbai

[edit] Other Features and Facilities

The University of Mumbai confers over 1,100 degrees and diplomas every year and over 80,000 students apply for the degrees. The University of Mumbai has one of the main computer Servers of the city of Mumbai. It also provides a large International students Hostel for foreign students.

See also: List of Bombay Colleges - (Most of the colleges, Institutes and Research centres in Mumbai (Bombay), are affiliated to the University of Mumbai)

[edit] Prominent Alumni of the University of Mumbai

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