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Typical Caucasoid skull

The Caucasoid race was a term used by some physical anthropologists to describe people indigenous to an area including Europe, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and certain areas of Central Asia[1].

The suffix -oid indicates "a similarity, not necessarily exact, to something else"<ref>American Heritage Book of English Usage. -oid. 1996. September 14, 2006. <>.</ref>, so Caucasoid can be expected to refer to a wider range of people than Caucasian race, itself a term with an inexact definition. According to modern mainstream anthropology, the Caucasoid race is a concept that emerged as a result of history, not genetics<ref>American Anthropology Associaton Statement on Race [2]</ref>.


Physical traits

Caucasoid hair type may either be wavy or straight and it comes in all diameters and colors. <ref>P&G Beauty and Science. The World of Hair. 2003. September 16, 2006. <;jsessionid=ONDUVUETQGE25QFIAJ1S0HWAVABHMLKG>.</ref>

Carleton S. Coon's book "The Races of Europe" (1939) classified Caucasoids into subraces [citation needed].

  • Mediterranean (Latin): The Mediterranean subrace has been divided into the Mediterranean Proper and the Atlanto-Mediterranean. The Mediterranean varies in skin color from white to chestnut brown with a long linear skull and angular facial forms. They have rounded occiput and large eyes. Their nasal shape is pointed. <ref>Biasutti, Renato. Description of Europid Races. 1954. September 14, 2006. <>.</ref> The Mediterranean proper are either mesocephalic or brachycephalic. There racial type ranges from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other borderlands of the Mediterranean sea. The Cappodacian subrace has been absorbed into the Mediterranean, but still is visible in the Oriental Jew. <ref>Racial Reality. Caucasoid Subraces. 2006. September 16, 2006. <>.</ref>
  • Dinaric (Adriatic): Dinarics includes the populations of eastern Slavic Contries, and Russia and former Soviet republics.[citation needed] They have light brown to black hair. They are long in their limbs and face, but have a short skull. Their nasal bridge is high and their nasal profile is triangular. Their subraces include Pandanian and Noric.<ref>Biasutti, Renato. Description of Europid Races. 1954. September 14, 2006. <>.</ref>



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Caucasoid race

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