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The Dhulbahante ("Saciid bin Harti bin Amaleh bin Abdi bin Mohammed bin Abdirahman al-Jaberti") is a Somali sub clan of the Harti part of the Koombe and of Kablalax, of the Darod tribes.


[edit] Territory

Dhulbahante members are found in their traditional territories in the northern regions of Sool, Nugaal, Sanaag, Cayn, a new province that separated from Toogdheer region ,and Somali Region of Ethiopia.

[edit] The Garaadka Guud

There are 20 Dhulbahante Garaads and One Chief Garaad, called the Garaadka Guud. This title is in his meaning similar to "King of Kings". The "Garaadka Guud" means, as it were, the Garaad of the Garaads. The current Garaadka Guud is Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali Garaad Jaamac. There Are also Over 100 chiefs called "caqils" who are assigned to smaller branches of the tribe and assist their Garaad who is under the "Garaad of the Garaads" a Dhulbahnte Ugaas Also heads the Harti of kismayo and its surroundings.

[edit] Tradition

According to tradition, the oldest son will succeed his father but the current Garaadka Guud was at that time, in 1985, too young to assume this role. Garaad Cabdiqani became Garaadka Guud in 1985 remained the Garaadka Guud for 20 years until his death in 2006 whereupon his nephew, now old enough, became the Garaadka Guud.

[edit] Tribes

  • Dhulbahante (Saciid)/ Harti / Koombe / Kablalax / Darood / Ismaiil / Jaberti
  • Mahamud Garaad Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid

Nur Mahamud Garaad

Higis Mahamud Garaad

Siyad Mahamud Garaad

  • Jama Siyad
    • Samakab Jamac
    • Warfa Jamaac
      • Reer Kooshin
      • Reer Warsame
      • Reer Cali
  • Ugadhyahaan siyaad
    • Mahamud Ugaadhyahan
      • Cabdi Mahamud
      • Gaboobe Mahamuud
      • Xassan Mahamuud
    • Samakaab Ugaadhyahan
      • Cabdulle Samakaab
        • Waceys Cabdulle
        • Ahmed Cabdulle
          • Nur Ahmed
            • Ahmed Ali
            • Adan Ali
            • Faraax Ali
            • Waceys Ali
            • Samakab Ali
            • Bihin Ali
            • Yusuf Ali
          • Naleye Ahmed
            • Jibril Naleye
            • Cabdulle Naleye
            • Cali Naleye
            • Adan Naleye
            • Cilmi Naleye
            • Yusuf Naleye
            • Liban Naleye
            • Sabood Naleye

Waceys Mahamud Garaad

  • Omar Waceys
    • Guleed Omar
    • Yasiin Omar
      • Geedi Yaasiin
        • Ismaciil Geedi
          • Guleed Ismaciil
          • Raage Ismaciil
          • Waceys Ismaciil
          • Cisman Ismaciil
          • Xirsii Ismaciil
        • Cabdulle Geedi
          • Adan Cabdulle
          • Mahamed Cabdulle
          • Fiqi Cabdulle
  • Farah Garaad Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
    • Yasin Garaad
    • Mahamed Garaad
      • Bahararsame
    • Guled Garaad
      • Barkad
    • Ahmed Garaad
      • Ali Geri Ahmed
      • Egal Ahmed
      • Samakab Ahmed
      • Werfaa Ahmed
      • Naleye Ahmed
      • Hassan Ahmed
      • Aden Ahmed
        • Hagar Adan
        • Waceys Adan
        • Carraale Mahad Adan
        • Faarax Aadan
  • Abdi Garaad Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
    • Kheyr Abdi
    • Cumar Abdi
  • Ali Garaad Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
  • Hassan Ugaas Shirshore Habarwa Cabdale Muuse Saciid
    • Jibril Harun
    • Sacid Harun
    • Yuosuf Harun
    • Ahmed Harun
    • Abdi Harun
    • Kheyr Harun
  • Mahamud Ugaas Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
    • Abdi mahamud
    • Saalah Mahamud
    • Shahab Mahmud
  • Hamuud Ugaas Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
  • Husein Ugaas Shirshore Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
  • Khalid Habarwa Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
  • Yahye Cabdalle Muse Saciid
  • Hinjile Aadan Cabdalle Muuse Saciid
  • Wadada Mahamad Muuse Saciid
  • Hayaag Saciid
  • Reer Abokor Saciid
  • Reer Bare saciid
  • Reer Yonis Saciid
  • Turle Saciid
  • Tagalwaaq Saciid

[edit] Related Tribes

Harti Brothers = kaskiqabe, Geesi-Gule, libaangashe, Dashishe, Warsengeli and Majeerteen

Kombe Brothers= Geri, cabdi(jambeel), Xarle, Jiraan.

Kablalax Brothers = kodome = Abdi+ absame = Ogaadeen, Jidwaaq, Bartire, Abaskuul, Gari, Wayten.

Darood Brothers = Leelkase Darood, Awartable Darood, Ciise Darood, Sade Darood =Fahiye + Mareexaan.

Ismaciil Brothers = Maheri Ismaciil Jeberti = Arabta Mahamud Salaax, Suuri Ismaciil Jeberti

[edit] Notable Dhulbahante people


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