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Welcome to World Wizzy
A static mirror of Wikipedia from early 2007

Because this is a static snapshot of Wikipedia taken from early 2007,

you cannot edit anything you see here. This site is for historic and educational purposes only.

(You can always edit over at Wikipedia instead.)

Did you know...

From Wikipedia's newest articles:

  • ...that the town of Scone was the coronation site of Kings of Scotland for several centuries?
  • ...that in Homer's Iliad, the charioteer Meriones is described as being a "peer of murderous Mars"?
  • ...that in the Sso rite of the Beti of Cameroon, one initiate was designated the ritual butt of the other candidates' jokes?
  • ... that at Masa, an elite New York City restaurant, no menus are available, because the chef, Masa Takayama, cooks whatever he wants?
  • ... that the earthquake-proof designs of the Nagoya TV, Tsutenkaku, the Sapporo TV, the Beppu, and the Tokyo Towers were all engineered by Tachu Naito?
  • ...that former Congolese general Laurent Nkunda was a psychology student before helping Laurent-Désiré Kabila to overthrow Mobutu Sese Seko?
  • In the news

  • At least 300 people are killed in clashes between the army of Sudan and the People's Liberation Army in the southern Sudanese town of Malakal.
  • The 15th Asian Games, a multi-sport event, open in Doha, Qatar, with forty-five participating countries.
  • Economist and former Finance Minister Rafael Correa (pictured) wins the Ecuadorian presidential election after a run-off.
  • A series of car bombs and mortar attacks kills more than 200 people in Sadr City, Iraq.
  • The Socialist Party gains in Dutch elections, while Jan Peter Balkenende's Christian Democrats retain their plurality in the Tweede Kamer.
  • Former Russian secret agent Alexander Litvinenko dies in a hospital in London after being poisoned with polonium.
  • On this day...

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    • World Wizzy is a static snapshot taken of Wikipedia in early 2007. It cannot be edited and is online for historic & educational purposes only.