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Hungarian or Magyar cuisine is the cuisine characteristic to Hungary and the Magyars.

Hungarian food is often spicy, using paprika, black pepper and onions. Potatoes are also commonly used in many dishes. Hungarians are passionate about their soups, desserts and stuffed pancakes, with fierce rivalries between regional variations of the same dish, e.g. the fish soups cooked differently on the banks of Hungary's two main rivers.

[edit] Hungarian meals

In Hungary, breakfast (reggeli in Hungarian) may consist of fresh bread (kifli), fruit, vegetables, or cereal. Lunch (ebéd) is the major meal of the day, with several courses: soup is followed by a main dish including meat, which precedes a dessert. Fruit may follow. Dinner (vacsora) is a far less significant meal than lunch. It may be similar to breakfast, or comparable to an American lunch of sandwiches. Dinner is light, such as bread and vegetables, or perhaps a bowl of soup, and usually consists of only one course.

There are two smaller light meals, too: tízórai (literally at ten o'clock), certainly taken at ten o'clock. Tízórai often means that people have a sandwich and drink something. The other meal is uzsonna (approximately English afternoon tea), in the afternoon. Food is almost the same as at tízórai, but often complemented with tea and fruits.

[edit] Typical Hungarian dishes

Some of Hungary's finest cuisine can be enjoyed in famous Budapest restaurant Gundel (arguably the most expensive restaurant in Hungary).

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