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French Army

Armée de terre
Troupes de marine
French Foreign Legion
Chasseurs alpins
List of current regiments
Structure of the French Army
État-major de l'armée de Terre
Modern Equipment
History of the French Army
Timeline of the French Army
List of senior officers
Rank insignia

The French Army (Armée de Terre) is the land-based component of the French Armed Forces. It employs 138,000 men and women.


[edit] Organisation

The army is divided into the following armes:

French soldiers of the IFOR in Mostar, 1995. A flak jacket is worn with the then-characteristic (and since widely exported) SPECTRA helmet. AMX 30 AuF1 armoured artillery in the background.

[edit] Principles and values

French Military

Image:Logo-armee-de-lair.jpg French Air Force
Image:Logo-armee-fracaise.jpg French Army
Image:Logo marine.gif French Navy
Image:France coa.png Force de frappe
Image:Insigne général d'armée.png Ranks in the French Army
Image:Grade-amiral.jpg Ranks in the French Navy
History of the French Military
Image:Armoiries France Ancien.png Military History of France
Image:Grenadier Pied 1 1812 Revers.png La Grande Armée

The principles and values of the French Army are exposed in the code du soldat français ("code of the French soldier") :

Mastering his own strength, he respects the opponent and is careful to spare populations. He observes orders while respecting laws, customs of war and international conventions (...) He is open to the world and the society and respects their differences <ref>Original French : Maître de sa force, il respecte l’adversaire et veille à épargner les populations. Il obéit aux ordres, dans le respect des lois, des coutumes de la guerre et des conventions internationales. (...) Il est ouvert sur le monde et la société, et en respecte les différences. : [1]</ref>

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French Army

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