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Image:Bone of Giselle of Bavaria.JPG
Bone of queen Giselle. Kept in a church in Veszprem (Hungary)

Gisela, Giselle, or Gizella of Bavaria (c. 9851033 or 1065) was the daughter of Henry II, Duke of Bavaria and Gisela of Burgundy.

She married King Stephen I of Hungary in 995 (some sources say 1008) as a part of Hungary's policy of opening up to the West. The couple had at least three children, including Saint Emeric (Szent Imre), but all of their children died young without further descendants.

She lived a honorable life and helped Christianize the Hungarian people. After the death of her husband Stephen, she was forced to leave Hungary. She lived in the nunnery of Niedernburg in Passau, where she died. Her grave is a well-known holy place.

Her canonisation was attempted in the 18th century but failed. She was declared Blessed in 1975.

Her memorial days are May 7 (the day of her death) and February 1.cs:Gisela Bavorská de:Gisela von Bayern fr:Gisèle de Bavière hu:Bajorországi Gizella pl:Gizela Bawarska

Giselle of Bavaria

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