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Henry II the Wrangler

Henry II (951995), called the Wrangler or the Quarrelsome, in German Heinrich der Zänker, was the son of Henry I and Judith of Bavaria and a seventh generation descendant of Charlemagne.

He succeed his father at the age of four, under the guardianship of his mother Judith. Heinrich married Gisela of Burgundy, a niece of the empress Adelheid, and resolved in 974 to oust Otto II from the throne of Germany. However, he was taken captive in Ingelheim - he escaped and instigated a revolt in Bavaria, but was defeated in 976 and stripped of his Duchy, and, following the War of the Three Henries in 978, was placed under the custody of the Bishop of Utrecht. As a consequence of his revolt Bavaria lost her first southeastern marches including Austria.

After Otto's death he was released from captivity and tried once again to usurp the German throne, abducting the infant Otto III. Although he failed in his attempt to gain control of Germany, he did regain Bavaria.

His daughter Giselle of Bavaria married Saint Stephen I of Hungary, while his son became the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II.

Preceded by:
Henry I
Duke of Bavaria
Succeeded by:
Otto I
Preceded by:
Henry III
Duke of Bavaria
Succeeded by:
Henry IV
de:Heinrich II. (Bayern)

fr:Henri II de Bavière it:Enrico II, duca di Baviera ru:Генрих II (герцог Баварии)

Henry II, Duke of Bavaria

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