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This is a list of all rulers of the Kingdom of Hungary since Árpád.

See Heads of state of Hungary for a list of post-1918 presidents.

[edit] Rise of a Hungarian state (896–1000) and the Kingdom of Hungary (1001–1918)

Affiliation Ruler Reigns of rulers Remarks
Arpads Árpád c. 895 – c. 907 is said to have led the proto-Magyars into Central Europe; he probably ruled together with Kurszán, due to the supposed dual system (based on the same Khazar rulership method), where Árpád was the actual ruler, whereas Kurszán was the sacral leader.
see remarks c.907 – c. 955 The rulers during this time period are strongly disputed, mainly because the Hungarian nation consisted of several tribes led by various leaders. The only more or less sure fact is that Fajsz was the main leader around 948. The most frequent propositions of scholars are:
  • Szabolcs (c. 907 –?), Fajsz/Fali (c. ? – 955, Arpads)
  • Tarhos (c. 907 – after 922, Arpads), Zoltán (after 922 – c. 947, Arpads), Fajsz/Fali (c. 947 – c. 955, Arpads)
  • Zoltán (c. 907 – c. 947, Arpads), Fajsz/Fali (c. 947 – c. 955, Arpads)
Arpads Taksony c.955–c.971  
Arpads Géza c.971997 son of Taksony  
Arpads St. Stephen (Szent István) 9971038 son of Géza, first king of Hungary (1001)
dynastic struggle 10381046
non dynastic Peter Urseolo (Orseolo Péter) 1038-1041, 10441046 (Géza's grandson)
non dynastic Sámuel Aba 10411044 (Husband of Géza's daughter)
Vatha pagan rising 1046-1047  
Arpads Andrew I (András / Endre) 10471061 Árpád dynasty restored
Arpads Béla I (Béla) 10611063  
Arpads Solomon (Salamon) 10631074  
Arpads Géza I 10741077  
Arpads St. Ladislaus (László) 10771095 All Ladislaus' are spelled with "laus" as in 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, see talk page
Arpads Coloman (Kálmán) 10951116 King of Hungary, & Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia
Arpads Stephen II 11141131  
Arpads Béla II 11311141  
Arpads Géza II 11411161  
Arpads Stephen III 11611162  
Arpads Ladislaus II 11621163  
Arpads Stephen IV 1163  
Arpads Stephen III, restored 11631172  
Arpads Béla III 11721196  
Arpads Emeric (Imre) 11961204  
Arpads Ladislaus III 12041205  
Arpads Andrew II (András) 12051235  
Arpads Béla IV 12351270 First Mongol invasion
Arpads Stephen V 12701272  
Arpads Ladislaus IV 12721290 Second mongol invasion
Arpads Andrew III 12901301 last of the Árpád dynasty
Premyslid Wenceslas III of Bohemia (Vencel) 13011305 Bohemian king, elected as King of Hungary, was not universally recognized and is not counted as a king today
Wittelsbach Otto III, Duke of Bavaria (Ottó) 13051308 also called Béla V, was not universally recognized
Angevin Charles I (Károly Róbert) 13081342 founded the Anjou line and established the Angevin dynasty in Hungary.
Angevin Louis I the Great (Nagy Lajos) 13421382 also king of Poland
Angevin Mary (Mária) 13821395
Angevin Charles II 13851386 also King of Naples as Charles III, in opposition to Mary
House of Luxemburg Sigismund (Zsigmond) 13871437 also Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia
Habsburg Albert 14371439 son-in-law of the precedent, also German King and Albert V of Austria
Interregnum title dispute between Ulászló I and Ladislaus Posthumus
Jagiellon Ulászló I 14401444  
Habsburg Ladislaus V Posthumus 14441457 also King of Bohemia
non dynastic Matthias Corvinus the Just (Igazságos Mátyás) 1458-1490  
Jagiellon Ulászló II 14901516 also King of Bohemia
Jagiellon Louis II 15161526 also King of Bohemia; killed in the Battle of Mohács
Rival kings of Emperor Ferdinand and John Zápolya both claimed themselves as ruler of Hungary.
Habsburg Ferdinand I (Ferdinánd) 15261564 brother in law of Louis II, also Holy Roman Emperor. Ottoman invasion
Zápolya John Zápolya (Zápolya János) 15261540 Leader of groups of Hungarian nobles claiming no foreign ruler should be chosen King of Hungary. Claimed the throne with support of Hungarian nobles, and later the Ottoman Sultan. Ottoman invasion. (Zápolya is alternatively spelled as Szapolyai.)
Zápolya John II Sigismund Zápolya (János Zsigmond) 1540-1570 Son of precedents. King of Hungary, renounced his claim in favour of Maximilian I, remained the Prince of Transylvania (Erdély) between 1570 and 1571.
Hungary was effectively split into 3 parts: a Habsburg domain in the north and west, Ottoman domain in the center, and the Ottoman satellite Transylvania in the east after 1562. All subsequent rulings, until 1699, refer to the territory known as "Royal Hungary"
Habsburg Maximilian I (I. Miksa) 15631576  
Habsburg Rudolf I 15721608  
Habsburg Matthias II (II. Mátyás) 16081619  
Habsburg Ferdinand II 16181637  
Habsburg Ferdinand III 16251657  
Habsburg Ferdinand IV 16471654  
Habsburg Leopold I (I. Lipót) 16551705  
Movements of Hungarian liberation as a result of a prolonged war against Turks. Habsburgs began colonization of Serbs (1690) and Germans (16821699) in Southern Hungary.
Habsburg Joseph I (I. József) 16871711  
Habsburg Charles III (III. Károly) 17111740  
Large scale German settlements in Hungary (17201800)
Habsburg Maria Theresa (Mária Terézia) 17401780  
Habsburg Joseph II (II. József) 17801790  
Habsburg Leopold II (II. Lipót) 1790-1792  
Habsburg Francis I (I. Ferenc) 17921835  
Habsburg Ferdinánd V (V. Ferdinánd) 18351848  
Habsburg Francis Joseph I (Ferenc József) 2 December 184821 November 1916  
Habsburg Charles IV (IV. Károly) 21 November 191613 November 1918  

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List of Hungarian rulers

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