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Lake Balaton
Landsat satellite photo
Location Hungary
Coordinates 46°50′N 17°44′E
Lake type Rift lake
Primary sources Zala River
Primary outflows Sió
Catchment area 5,181 km²
Basin countries Hungary
Max-length 77 km
Max-width 14 km
Surface area 592 km²
Average depth 3.2m
Max-depth 12.2m
Water volume 1.9 km³
Shore length1 236 km
Surface elevation 104.8 m
Settlements see article
1 Shore length is an imprecise measure which may not be standardized for this article.

Lake Balaton (Hungarian: Balaton; Latin: Lacus Pelso; German: Plattensee; Serbian: Blatno Jezero or Блатно Језеро; meaning approximately "muddy lake" in Slavic, probable origin of the name), located in Hungary, is the largest lake in Central Europe. Since Hungary is landlocked, Lake Balaton is sometimes called the "Hungarian Sea". The Zala River provides the largest inflow of water to the lake, and the canalized Sió is the only outflow.

With a surface area of 592 km², Lake Balaton lies approximately at the coordinates 46°50′N 17°44′E, and has a length of 77 km and a width ranging from 4 to 14 km. The lake's surface is 104 m above sea level, and its depth varies up to 12.2 m (mean depth is 3.2 m).


[edit] Climate

Lake Balaton affects the local area precipitation. The area receives approximately two-three [or more] inches more precipitation. More cloudy days, less extreme temperatures, and more precipitation than most of Hungary are all because of Lake Balaton. The lake's surface freezes in winter.

[edit] Tourist information

High tourist season extends from June until the end of August. The average water temperature during the summer is 25° C, which makes bathing and swimming very enjoyable. Other tourist attractions include sailing, fishing and other water sports as well as visiting the countryside and hills; wineries on the north coast and night life on the south. The Tihany Peninsula is a historical district.

Although the peak season at the lake is summer, the lovers of Balaton think that it is also worth visiting the huge lake in winter, when you can go fishing in the ice-holes, or if the ice is thick enough, brave visitors can even skate, sledge or ice-sail on the lake.

Balaton is served by Sármellék International Airport [1]. There are scheduled flights from Berlin, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Zürich and London Stansted. The lake is also accessible via charter flights from Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Billund and Moscow.

Chief resorts include:

Badacsony - Balatonalmádi - Balatonboglár - Balatonfüred - Balatonlelle - Fonyód - Keszthely - Siófok - Tihany - Vonyarcvashegy

[edit] Towns and villages

Towns and villages alongside Lake Balaton.

[edit] North shore

From east to west:

Balatonfőkajár - Balatonakarattya - Balatonkenese - Balatonfűzfő - Balatonalmádi - Alsóörs - Paloznak - Csopak - Balatonfüred - Tihany - Aszófő - Örvényes - Balatonudvari - Fövenyes - Balatonakali - Zánka - Balatonszepezd - Szepezdfürdő - Révfülöp - Pálköve - Ábrahámhegy - Balatonrendes - Badacsonytomaj - Badacsony - Badacsonytördemic - Szigliget - Balatonederics - Balatongyörök - Vonyarcvashegy - Gyenesdiás - Keszthely

[edit] South shore

From east to west:

Balatonakarattya - Balatonaliga - Balatonvilágos - Sóstó - Szabadifürdo - Siófok - Széplak - Zamárdi - Szántód - Balatonföldvár - Balatonszárszó - Balatonszemes - Balatonlelle - Balatonboglár - Fonyód - Bélatelep - Balatonfenyves - Balatonmáriafürdő - Balatonkeresztúr - Balatonberény - Fenékpuszta

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Lake Balaton

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