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The following is a list of notable Hungarians taken mainly from The Hungary Page' at Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians. A list of famous Hungarian Jews can be found in List of Hungarian Jews, overlaps with which are starred.


The Hungarian language uses the eastern name order for Hungarian names, in which the family name comes first, and the given name (or first name) goes second. In foreign text contents, however, the western name order is used to avoid confusing those not familiar with this custom. As an example, the name Bolyai János is the ethnic form, in English text it will appear as Janos Bolyai – with western name order and accent marks stripped; Bolyai is the family name here.

The names below are listed in Hungarian (eastern) order with some exceptions, most frequently for entertainers' names (e.g., Harry Houdini, the Gabor sisters). However, the Wikipedia articles that they link to have their names in western order (given name followed by family name).

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See also List of Hungarian writers, List of Hungarian painters, List of Hungarian sculptors, List of Hungarian architects.

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List of Hungarian rulers

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List of Hungarians

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