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Hungary has 3145 settlements: 289 cities/towns (Hungarian term: város, plural: városok; the terminology doesn't distinguish between cities and towns - town can be translated as kisváros, literally small city) and 2847 villages (Hungarian: falu or község, plural: falvak, községek.) The number of cities/towns can change, since in every year several villages are elevated to town status. 23 of the cities are so-called urban counties (megyei jogú város – city with county rights), 19 of them are seats of the 19 counties of Hungary. (All county seats are urban counties, but not all urban counties are county seats.)

Three of the cities (Budapest, Miskolc, Pécs) have significant agglomerations, Győr is close to becoming the fourth.

The largest city is the capital, Budapest, the smallest town is Pálháza with 1114 inhabitants (2001). The largest village is Törökbálint (population: 11,798). The smallest village is Nemesmedves in Vas county, with 22 residents (2001 census.) The smallest inhabited settlement is Szanticska, with a population of 8 people (although it is not an independent village but belongs to the nearest village Abaújkér.)

[edit] Largest cities in Hungary

This is a list of the largest cities in Hungary, in order of descending population size (in 2004). An alphabetical list of all cities and towns is given below.

asterisks mean: **** capital *** regional centre ** county seat * city with county rights

[edit] The full list of cities and towns in Hungary

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