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Military of the Netherlands
Military manpower
Military age 20 years of age (2004) no conscription
Availability males age 15–49: 3,557,918 (2005 est.)
Fit for military service males age 15–49: 2,856,691 (2005 est.)
Reaching military age annually males: 99,934 (2005 est.)
Active troops
Military expenditures
Amount US$9.408 billion (2004)
Percent of GDP 1.6% (2004)

The military of the Netherlands is composed of four branches, all of which carry the prefix koninklijke (royal):

Conscription in the Netherlands has been abandoned as of 1996. All functions, except the Submarine service and Marine Corps, are open to women. The Ministry of Defence employs 68,000 persons, this figure includes both civilian and military personnel.

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