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Mr. Obvious is a recurring character on The The BOB & TOM Show, and is one of their most popular features. Voiced by Chick McGee, Mr. Obvious is a radio show host who specializes in solving callers' problems, whether it's a problem with a machine, or with a wife or family member. The problems always have obvious solutions (eg. a caller trying to cook a live turkey).

Sometimes, Mr. Obvious and the caller unwittingly talk about two different things (thinking that they are talking about the same problem). In one, a caller wants to have sex with a big fish he caught, and Mr. Obvious thinks he's talking about mounting the fish as a trophy. The problem solutions are always clued in as Mr. Obvious and the caller discuss the problem.

[edit] Running Gags

The caller always starts off the call by asking if this is Mr. Obvious, to which he always responds, "Speaking."

The caller (always the same guy, voiced by Dean Metcalf) never fails to mention that he's a "long time listener, first time caller."

The caller often mentions that he's not an idiot, though by the end of the skit, it's clear that he is.

When the problems are solved, the caller says "Huh. I never made the connection."

Also after the problems are solved, the caller will often tell Mr. Obvious he's "a lifesaver."

[edit] Episodes

Bargain Hunter- The caller sees a sign that says "Lot for Sale," and is upset that there is no stuff for sale. It turns out that it was a vacant lot for sale.

Beer Pitcher- The caller is upset that his new beer pitcher ruins the beer, instead of cooling it. The beer pitcher turns out to be a blender.

The Big City- The caller thinks he was mugged by what turns out to be a cab driver.

Cabin- The caller thinks his new cabin was stolen. It turns out that it was an ice-fishing cabin, he left it on the ice over the summer and it sank.

Carjacking- The caller thinks he and his wife have been car jacked at a fancy restaurant, by what turns out to be a valet.

Car Trip

Cat- The caller is worried about how his cat is excreting on what he's supposed to be eating. It turns out that he was trying to feed the cat kitty litter.

The Christmas Tree- The caller is unable to get his Christmas tree to stand up. Mr. Obvious tells him he needs a stand.

The Costume - The caller is concerned about his son's Halloween costume costing millions of dollars when his son wants to be a princess. Turns out he was also planning a sex change operation for the costume.

Critter- The caller is concerned about a "critter" living under his sink. It turns out to be the garbage disposal.

Der Critter (German Version)

Cub Scout

Deck -- The caller is upset that his deck isn't being built fast enough, it turns out the carpenter was having an affair with his wife.

Dishwasher- The caller tries to get help repairing his "broken" dishwasher. Mr. Obvious is horrified to find out that the broken dishwasher is actually a deceased illegal immigrant.


The Flashlight -- After all the lights go out, the caller calls in to tell Mr. Obvious his flashlight's not working right. Mr. Obvious is chagrined to find that he's actually holding his wife's vibrator.

Flight School -- Thought "pilate" lessons were "pilot" lessons.

The Fish


Lawn Problems

Military Clothes

The Moody Wife -- The caller complains about his wife's sudden mood swings. Mr. Obvious figures out that she's simply using sarcasm.

MP3 Player -- The caller is unable to get his MP3 player to play. Mr. Obvious discovers he has confused his POD (Portable on Demand Storage) for an IPod.

New Car

New TV

The Noise -- The caller is terrified of a growling, slurping noise coming from under his house, thinking it might be a bear. After ruling out a garbage disposal (with a flashback to the "Critter" episode), Mr. Obvious assures him that it's simply a sump pump. However, it eventually turns out to be an actual bear, which eats the caller.

Noisy Neighbor

Off Oven-Cleaner -- The caller and his wife are having marital problems so they try off, to help her in bed.

Poltergeist- Caller thinks there is a ghost but it turns out to be the Air Conditioning.


The Santa Question

The Service Call

Ski Vacation - Caller uses a boat to pull snow skiers down a mountain.

Snow Blower - The caller has bought a new snow blower. Top of the line model. But the caller complains that he gets so tired blowing the snow off his sidewalk. Mr. Obvious discovers that the caller is trying to push the snowblower around, he hasn't even turned it on.

Speedway, IN

The Stakeout - The caller beleives that a drug dealer is living next door to him. He beleives this because his neighbor constantly switches cars and his plate reads "Dealer." Mr. Obvious concludes that the neighbor is simply a car dealer.

Too Hot For Radio - bloopers and goofs from the Mr. Obvious show. Mr. O gets annoyed and loses his cool.

Turkey - The caller complains that the turkey he is cooking for Thanksgiving is too tough. Mr. Obvious suggests ways to make the turkey more tender, but it's soon revealed that the turkey is still alive, and thus it is "too tough" to cook him.

TV Show

The Twins - the caller asks for advice when twins ask him if he wants to have a threesome with them and he is unsure what to do. Mr. Obvious recommends going for it only to learn out that the twins in question are guys.

The Wife Problems

The Video- The caller has rented was he believes to be an adult video called "Head Cleaner," which turns out to be a VCR head cleaner.

The Voter

Mr. Obvious

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