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New Creation Church is one of the three megachurches in Singapore. The others are Faith Community Baptist Church and City Harvest Church.

[edit] Mission Statement

"To see Jesus in all the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work and to make Him known through the preaching of the Gospel."

[edit] Overview

New Creation Church's current pastoral team is being led by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince. The church meets at Rock Auditorium (Suntec City) for easy accessibility, levels 3, 4 and 6. Due to the large number of attending worshippers, two halls of Eng Wah Cinema located just behind the Rock Auditorium have been rented for the first service.

Founded in 1984, the church's vision was centered on the establishment of an independent, non-denominational Christ-centered church "based solely on the unchanging Word of God" that welcomed one and all. In June 1990, Joseph Prince was appointed Senior Pastor.

Others in the leadership include:

  • Pastor Daniel Chong
  • Pastor Darren Sim
  • Pastor Gabriel Tan
  • Pastor Henry Yeo
  • Pastor Joshua Lee
  • Pastor KE Matthews
  • Pastor Lawrence Lim
  • Pastor Lim Chin Wah
  • Pastor Lim Lian Neo
  • Pastor Mark Ng

In 2005, the church had a weekly attendance of over 12,500 and the largest Hokkien service in Singapore, headed by an anointed Pastor Mark Lee. Mandarin and Hokkien Services start at 9 and 11.30 am respectively, as venues occasionally change, worshipers may call or refer to the church website and monthly update.

Sunday services are identical, starting off with praise and worship and the Holy Communion. They are at 9am, 11.30am, 2.30pm and 5pm while Midweek Bible study services (identical) are on Thursday and Friday nights at 7.30pm. Sunday and Midweek Services are held in English.

To cater to the various age groups, there is Children's Church and Nursery, youth ministry DARE (Dead and Resurrected Eagles), Campus and Oasis.

Weekly sermons of Pastor Joseph Prince are also available in CD and DVD format through Joseph Prince Ministries, while different sermons are posted at the church website for free downloading. A speaker in the international Christian community, his messages are also broadcasted in Uganda, Canada and India, and by 2007, in the United States.

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