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Norwegian Defence

Image:Luftforsvaret.png Air Force
Image:Hæren.png Army
Image:Rnon-logo-70x100.gif Navy
Image:Kystvakten.png Coast Guard
Image:Hvlogo.png Home Guard
Norwegian military ranks

The Norwegian Defence Forces (Norwegian: Forsvaret) numbers about 40,000 personnel, including civilian employees. The strength during full mobilisation is approximately 100,000. Norway has mandatory military service for males (6-12 months of training) and voluntary service for females.

Norwegian Defence Forces are subordinate to the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (headed by the Minister of Defence). The Commander-in-Chief is formally H.M. King Harald V.

Under the Constitution, the Minister of Defence is accountable to Parliament for all activities carried out by the agencies under his/her responsibility. This means that the Ministry, as part of the executive branch of government, is responsible for supervising the activity of its subordinate agencies, among other things by carrying out overall supervisory functions.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is from 2003 an integrated structure with civilian and military personnel. Subordinate to the MoD are the "Armed Forces' Military Organisation" as well as the three civilian agencies: the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), the National Security Agency and the Defence Estate Agency.

The main annual national exercise is Cold Response, held yearly, with all NATO member states invited.


[edit] Armed Forces' Military Organisation

Military branches (in order of seniority):

The Armed Forces Military Organisation is headed by the "Chief of Defence" (a four star general or admiral). The Chief of Defence is both head of the military organisation and principal military adviser to the Minister of Defence. The Armed Forces Military Organisation consists of the following main structures:

  • Defence Staff Norway (DEFSTNOR) in Oslo acts as the staff of the Chief of Defence. It is headed by a three star general or admiral. DEFSTNOR assigns priorities, manages resources, provides force generation and support activities. The each of the four branches of defence is headed by a two star general/admiral who are subordinate to DEFSTNOR.
  • National Joint Headquarters (NJHQ) in Mount Jåtta close to Stavanger has operational control of Norwegian defence forces worldwide 24/7. It is headed by the Supreme Commander Norwegian Forces - a three star general or admiral. Subordinate to NJHQ is the Regional Headquarters North in Bodø, which is a national crisis management centre for Northern areas. Located the same place as NJHQ is the Joint Warfare Center (JWC).
  • Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) at Kolsås outside Oslo is responsible for engineering, procurement, investment, supply, information and communications technology. It also has responsibility for maintenance, repair and storage of materiel.

[edit] Structure 2008

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Image:Norwegian Navy Corporal in M-2000 uniform.jpg
A Royal Norwegian Navy Corporal (OR-4) wearing the M-2000 uniform, which is used by both soldiers and officers in all branches of the Norwegian Defence.

The Norwegian armed forces will be reorganised during the period 2005 to 2008. The structure after 2008 is planned to be as follows.


Norwegian Army:

Royal Norwegian Navy:

Royal Norwegian Air Force:

  • 72 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters
  • 2 Air Control Centre/Recognized Air picture Production Centre/Sensor Fusion post (ARS Sørreisa and ARS Rygge)
  • Strategic Airlift / Aerial refuelling (common NATO projects)
  • Maritime surveillance (4 x P-3C Orion and 2 x P-3N Orion
  • Electronic Warfare (2 + 1 DA-20 Jet Falcon)
  • Transport C-130 Hercules
  • Surface to Air Warfare (NASAMS) (1 deployable unit and one mobile unit)
  • Air Wing for Special Forces (6 x Bell 412SP)
  • Home Guard (Air)
  • 12 Bell 412SP transport and light attack helicopters
  • 6 NH-90 maritime helicopters (frigates)
  • Deployable base support
  • 12 Sea King search and rescue helicopters
  • 8 NH-90 coast guard helicopters
  • 10 NH-90 transport helicopters

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