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R C Palmer Secondary
8160 St. Albans Rd
Richmond, British Columbia, V6Y 2K9, Canada
Palmer Secondary School
School number 3838024
School board School District 38 Richmond
Principal Bert Weins
Vice principal Linda Moran
School type Public high school
Grades 8-12
Language English
Mascot Griffin
Team name Griffins
Colours Navy Blue, Baby Blue
Founded 1952
Enrollment 923 (2004)

Robert Cecil Palmer Secondary School is a secondary school located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada which educates students in grades 8-12.


[edit] Soccer Academy

The school hosts a district-wide Soccer Academy for student-athletes to obtain a high-level of soccer training while completing their high school education.

[edit] Basketball Program

The school also hosts a basketball program for students in grade 9-10. It replaces the regular P.E. with an all basketball program. The basketball program is taught by P. Eberhardt and teaches each athlete fundamentals, tricks, and plays.

[edit] Robotics Club

M. Clift, the teacher for CADD, hosts the Robotics and Engineering Club. This club's specialty is creating combat robots, similar to the ones used in Robot Wars. The members take part in various competitions, including international ones in Seattle. Weekly competitions are also held between members.

[edit] Notable alumni

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Robert Cecil Palmer Secondary School

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