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The Vienna Awards are two arbitral awards by which arbiters of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sought to enforce peacefully the claims of Hungary on territory it had lost in 1920 when it signed the Treaty of Trianon. The First Vienna Award occurred in 1938 and the Second in 1940.

The awards, also known as the Vienna Arbitration Awards, Vienna Arbitral Awards, Vienna Diktats, or Viennese Arbitrals, sanctioned Hungary's annexation of territories in present-day Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania which Hungary had sought to regain in the period between the two World Wars.

Hungary before and after the Vienna Awards

[edit] First Vienna Award

Main article: First Vienna Award

By this award, on November 2, 1938, Germany and Italy compelled Czechoslovakia to give/return southern Slovakia and southern Subcarpathia (now in Ukraine) to Hungary.

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[edit] Second Vienna Award

Main article: Second Vienna Award

By this award, on August 30, 1940, Germany and Italy compelled Romania to give/return half of Transylvania (an area henceforth known as Northern Transylvania) to Hungary. This decision was taken not so much to do justice as to win Hungary for German war aims.[citation needed] In reversing a major element of the Treaty of Trianon, it, like Trianon, granted a multiethnic area to another country, caused massive migration of populations from both sides, and sundered old socioeconomic units.

Besides the Second Vienna Award as such, on September 7, under the Treaty of Craiova, the Cadrilater or "Quadrilateral" (southern Dobrudja) was returned by Romania to Bulgaria. This territory had been part of Bulgaria from 1878 to 1913, at which time it had become part of Romania after Bulgaria's defeat in the Second Balkan Schiedsspruch hu:Bécsi döntések ro:Arbitrajele de la Viena zh:維也納仲裁裁決

Vienna Awards

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